VIDEO: Duke porn star tells CNN she loves her job

CNN's Piers Morgan recently sat down with the now infamous Duke porn star "Belll Knox." The freshman student had been starring in adult films through her first semester at the university before she was recognized and outed among her peers.

Since her real identity was revealed on-campus, "Knox" has spoken out about gender equality, society's attitude toward and treatment of sex workers, and the happiness and fulfillment she derives from her professional career. She wrote a lengthy column over at xoJane and was previously the subject of a profile in the Duke student newspaper.

"Knox" speaks with Morgan about her sexuality, her  hopes and dreams—both in the adult film industry and at Duke University—and about America's hypocrisy toward pornography.

We are in a society where we are so repressed every, single day. We're told that sex is bad. We're told not to have sex. We're told not to show our bodies. And that's really true for women. To be in porn and to be able to be naked and be free and have that sexual autonomy is so incredibly freeing.

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