Mile-High Club app 'Wingman' is Tinder for airplanes

Hopeless romantics and anyone who's single and might have caught a Nora Ephron movie on cable, last week, board airplanes differently than the rest of society. Some people are concerned about the overhead bins and the in-flight meal and how long they might spend idling on the tarmac. The saps among us, though, are consumed by the improbable possibility that The One will be the stranger randomly assigned to sit in the adjacent seat for the duration of the flight.

Here comes Silicon Valley to ruin that magical semblance of hope with a series of zeros and ones.

A 24-year-old guy is peddling his "Wingman" app as the Tinder of air travel. It functions the same way: you fire up the app and are met with a series of like-minded folks and their essential stats. (Alleged) Name. (Alleged) Age. (Alleged) Occupation. You can then swipe for "yes" or "no" and prepare to rendezvous with your match to have sex in the bathroom while the rest of the passengers pretend that they don't notice that you're having sex in the bathroom even though they totally know that you're having sex in the bathroom.

The Tinder of airline travel is yet to hit the iTunes store, but development is already well underway at the hands of its 24-year-old creator, Gabe Whaley.

“This isn’t my attempt to resolve some former incident where I didn’t get to meet the girl of my dreams,” Whaley explains of his new creation. “And naturally, it’s a bit controversial. But there is definitely something to be said about being able to engage with someone on a flight and seeing what the possibilities are from there.”

Wingman functions as your average swipe and type app. Users skim through photos of other sex-seeking singletons until they find a suitable match, judging them solely on the basis of their photo, name, age, and occupation. Then, using the magic of in-flight bluetooth/wifi, the messaging can begin.

We'll use this news as an excuse to remind you what real in-flight passion is supposed to look (and sound) like...

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