VIDEO: Anderson Cooper calls out CNN reporter for being high during pot segment

Anderson Cooper 360

In wake of the recent legalization of marijuana in the Centennial state, CNN has been all over the new recreational landscape in Colorado, thanks, in part, to its "Gone to Pot" series.

Recently, a video hit the YouTube, aptly named "CNN Reporter Gets Stoned During Story on Colorado Legalization." The segment featured a very giggly Randi Kaye discussing the limos offering "Cannabis Tours" of Colorado's new dispensaries.

Click here to watch the video.

The footage was featured on Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, with Cooper addressing it during his Ridiculist portion of the show by tossing out a number of marijuana puns. But, the fun had mostly dissipated by the time he turned back to his panel and suggested, "I think she was high."



Kaye says it was a contact high, if anything at all. [h/t Gawker]