VIDEO: Harvard student goes undercover, gives hilarious tour of Yale

On November 13, 1875, Harvard defeated Yale 4-0 in a new game with rules adapted from rugby and soccer. A rivalry was born.

"The Game" has persevered as a staple of intercollegiate athletics. The 130th installment of the football rivalry is scheduled to kick-off at noon on Saturday, November 23rd.

As is the case with many historic rivalries, the non-athletes at the Ivy League institutions get involved by pranking the students at the other school. This year, the folks from On Harvard Time—Harvard's "premiere comedy news show"—made the trip to New Haven to show tourists around town and offer up some unknown "facts" about Yale's history and campus.

Yale was founded in 1707. It was actually not in New Haven, initially. Yale actually made the active choice of moving to New Haven. They made the choice of moving from a place that's not New Haven to a place that is New Haven.

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[h/t TIME]