'Armageddon' is real, massive asteroid could hit Earth in 2032

NASA needs to get Harry Stamper and A.J. Frost on the horn, like, yesterday because Armageddon is real and there's a massive asteroid that could hit the Earth in 2032.

Ukrainian astronomers were the first to detect a 1,350-foot-wide MINOR PLANET that could hit the Earth on August 26, 2032. Scientists in a slew of other European countries have since confirmed the findings and suggest that 2013 TV135 has a 1-in-63,000 chance of hitting our planet and would have an impact 50-times greater than that of a nuclear bomb.

As August 26, 2032 approaches, the likelihood that the object could hit us will likely shift one way or another, as the science behind the predictions becomes more precise.

Wegmans is probably already out of bread. [io9]