Kate Upton is reportedly dating Diddy, who is 43


So, Kate Upton and Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander have been kaput for a while. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and avid Dougie-er has said that she was single on Valentine's Day and has since mocked Verlander on Twitter. Later, in March, she reportedly hooked up with Diddy at a VIP event he was hosting in Miami.

Their relationship didn't end there, though, as they were spotted having dinner together last week.

Following their hot hookup in South Beach, the duo met up again in New York, sharing an intimate dinner together at Gemma in the Bowery Hotel on Thursday.

“They were having dinner together,” a source tells us.

Upton, silent on Twitter that day, the next morning tweeted: “Cuddling with my favorite tiger :)” an obvious diss to Verlander, because she linked to a picture of her holding an actual tiger cub in a Bazaar magazine shoot.

The New York Daily News says that they're hot and heavy and dubbed the pair "Diddyup!" because of course they did. Diddy is 43. Upton is 20. We're not mathematicians over here but, *carries the 1* it seems like that is in blatant violation of the "1/2(your age) + 7 rule." [NYDN]