Brawls, human waste, and free booze: the Carnival cruise from hell continues

Cruise Ship Fire
The Carnival Triumph has been floating aimlessly about 150 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula since a fire erupted in the aft engine room early Sunday, knocking out the ship's propulsion system. No one was injured and the fire was extinguished.

Earlier this week we learned about the unfortunate conditions facing passengers and crew on board the Carnival Triumph cruise ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, reports indicate that some passengers have fallen ill from the smell of human exrement.

Passengers on board the stranded Carnival cruise ship are reaching breaking point as condition become so hellish that they are forced to go to the bathroom in plastic baggies while many are becoming physically sick due to the stench of human waste.

Food supplies are reportedly so low that people are eating cold onion sandwiches. One passenger's husband says that people have started fighting over rations.

Brent Nutt, whose wife Bethany is on board, claimed that brawling has broken out among hungry passengers because food is so scarce.

The crew has reportedly started to dole out free booze to the passengers.

Rob Mowlam told his father the ship's crew had started giving free alcohol to passengers.

"He was concerned about what that was going to lead to when people start drinking too much," Mowlam said.

Some passengers made final calls to friends and family as their phones were about to run out of power. They don't have a way to charge them. The ship is expected to be towed to Mobile, Alabama sometime on Thursday, but it appears that things are detiorating quickly on board Carnival's Triumph. [Daily Mail]