Guy does NOT want to admit defeat on prop bet about Beyoncé's cleavage

A man is complaining about the ruling on a prop bet he made about Beyoncé's cleavage. Image via Mark Humphrey/AP.

You can gamble on just about anything even kinda-sorta connected to the Super Bowl. First touchdown. Gatorade color. Coin toss. Halftime show song selection. Who the MVP will thank. Whether or not Beyoncé will flaunt cleavage during her first song.

Seriously, that last one was a prop bet available to gamblers this year. As you may recall from watching the performance live on Sunday (and an additional 17 times in your cubicle yesterday), Queen Bey came out fully covered, singing "Love on Top." She later shed some clothing and had a plunging neckline for the remainder of her performance.

This means that if you bet that she'd have the girls out at the start of the show, you done lost your moneys. At least one person is struggling to make that connection, though.

Deadspin has an email from "Jacob," in which he complains about the result of the bet, indicating that he has DVR evidence proving that Beyoncé had her cleavage on display during the opening number.

While Mrs. Knowles-Carter did not appear to immediately be displaying cleavage when she was first shown at the beginning fo the halftime show, she quite clearly was shortly afterward, which was still during the first song. I DVRed the game, and can provide photo evidence of this if deemed necessary.

Thank you for your understanding.


Sucks to be Jacob. [Deadspin]