For $39.99, you can have a fake girlfriend just like Manti Te'o

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For $40, you can be just like Manti Te'o. Kind of.

Thanks to some awesome timing by the folks at Mashable, you can learn all about a Brazilian company that will create and maintain a fake girlfriend for customers on Facebook. Yes, for the low, low price of $39.99, you can convince marginal acquaintances and people you graduated from high school with that you've got a smokin' hot new squeeze who's just giddy to post a whole bunch of lovey-dovey crap on your wall. will help you pull off the trick ILLUSION by creating fake relationship statuses and comments covering the last thirty days. Mashable's piece was published just a handful of hours after Deadspin broke the Internet with its report on the Manti T'eo fake girlfriend hoax that had the entire college football world fooled all season long.

The best part about the Mashable piece is that it makes no mention of the Manti T'eo fiasco and seems to be timed in connection with the rapidly approaching Valentine's Day. That is some