Stop what you're doing and read the oral history of 'Good Will Hunting'

Boston Magazine spoke with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Gus Van Sant, and others about the story behind 'Good Will Hunting'.

In 1998, the world met Ben Affleck and Matt Damon courtesy of Good Will Hunting. The movie earned nine Oscar nods—including a Best Screenplay win for the pair—and earned a more-than-respectable $226 million at the box office. Fifteen years, three Bourne films, three Ocean's films, a bajillion overhead shots of Boston in The Town, and (nearly) two additional Damon/Gus Van Sant projects later, the duo from Cambridge, Massachussetts dish on the story behind the story to Janelle Nanos of Boston magazine. The, ahem, oral history contains morsels of awesome insight into how the movie was made, like when they lied to Mel Gibson about having seen Braveheart or when Damon and Affleck were writing gay sex scenes into the script because they knew the folks at Castle Rock weren't reading their edits. How do you like them apples?