12-year-old PA boy robs lemonade stand with BB gun

A 12-year-old Johnstown boy is in some serious trouble after allegedly knocking over a lemonade stand run by a group of younger kids. According to authorities, the preteen waltzed up to the lemonade stand, pointed a BB gun at the other boys and demanded the money they'd earned. After a brief scuffle, the "assailant" made off with the money box, which contained $30.

The other boys chased him home and, eventually, the police were clued in on the matter. The boy was taken into police custody and is expected to face charges in juvenile court.

Hopefully he's learned the valuable lesson that, when life doesn't hand you lemons, you can't just stick a gun in someone's face and take their money. Also, the hella embarrassing nickname he's probably acquired—"The Lemonade Bandit" or "Crystal Light" (but I'm just spitballing, here)—has the potential to stick with him for a while, right?

Note: $30 seems like a really successful lemonade stand, no? I mean, even with inflation, they can't be charging more than $1/glass, right? And they put up a fight with their assailant, chased him home and alerted the authorities. The boys running the stand are our future leaders. Give them a medal or a scholarship or something. [h/t Gawker]