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POSTED: Friday, October 19, 2012, 5:10 AM

Friday, October 19th

Breast Cancer Awareness Event
6:00 - 9:00 pm
Aoki Boutique
115 South 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tickets available:
Prince Music Theater Box Office
1412 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

OFF! w/ The Spits, Double Negative.
First Unitarian Church
2125 Chestnut St
8:00 pm

Silver Snakes w/ Foreign Tongues, Good Graces
The Barbary
951 Frankford Ave.
7:00 pm


Saturday, October 20th

POSTED: Friday, September 28, 2012, 10:58 AM

We recently interviewed Hassan Ali Malik from Sunny Ali & The Kid to catch a glimpse into his touring and vacation plans, sources of inspiration, and hopes for the band. It looks like we're definitely going to book our tickets to Austria for some serious tagging along.

L: What are the big plans for your trip to Austria at the end of the month? Should we book our tickets now to see you?

H: There's a beautiful state park that gets submerged in water once a year where you can scuba dive. I'd like to sit on a park bench under water and think for a while... There's also this "Bone house" that holds 1200 skulls of evangelical Christians that were massacred. Maybe we'll try to shoot a goth video there... We'll be there for a week and we only have one show so I'm hoping we'll get to explore. The whole festival is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the recognition of Islam as an official European religion. Austria was one of the first European country's to recognize Islam. It's basically going to be a big experiment with artists, politicians, belly dancers, scholars and diplomats. It's basically going to be another weird one.


L: Abdullah recently interviewed Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, for Vice. What other side projects are you currently pursuing beyond music?

H: Nothing. Just music. I'm a pretty dull and boring person otherwise. Oh, but I do like to play ping pong.

L: Your music is clearly inspired by a wide range of sources. How have fellow musicians specifically in the Philadelphia circuit influenced your work?

H: Well, I did meet the Kid here in Philly through the musician circuit. So, thats proof that there's great musicians running around. I've been playing Philly for a very long time now and there's always a handful of good bands around. I'd like to think that we now influence people here. We rep Philly pretty hard no matter where we go. I hope Philly reps us too.


L: I laughed out loud at work to your YouTube screen shot flyers from last month. What are some other creative ways you’ve worked to expand your fan base?

H: I've been trying to think outside the computer box. Self promoting can be a strange thing. Like, I don't want to be so aware of myself or what I'm doing with my life sometimes. I have some fun ideas but I can't really share. You'll see. The best self promotion though is consistent good music. That and maybe some hottt pics.


L: What are your hopes for the effects of your music reaching new people? Is there some message you wish to convey through your music alone or as a individual spokesperson?

H: Yes. A VERY VERY important one... Come to a show and find out!

POSTED: Monday, July 16, 2012, 12:31 PM
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(Shaking Through)

Shaking Through has created an interesting formula for looking at how a song comes together.  Each year they offer 10 artists the challenge of recording one song in just 2 days, and today they have released their video profiling Ava Luna's production of "Water Duct". 

Curated by Shaking Through alums Twin Sister, this episode takes an in depth look into how Ava Luna crafted and perfected a track that they had yet to record.  While the challenge may have seemed daunting, frontman Carlos Hernandez approached it with confidence and reveled in the chance to experiment in such a way.  Chronicling every facet of the production, the episode examined the difficulties of working in such a short time frame, but also managed to promote the creativity of Ava Luna for being able to complete the song. 

"Water Duct" is a gripping track, with Hernandez's vocal inflection on display, as well as the soothing backing of Becca Kauffman and Felicia Douglass providing perfect layering.  Ava Luna was lauded for their inventiveness and coolness under pressure by Shaking Through and the curators of the episode, and they came out of it with a unique new track. 

POSTED: Friday, September 23, 2011, 1:16 PM
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Chicago’s Red Bull Riot Fest is finally making a stop in the City of Brotherly Love this Saturday, September 24th at Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing. We can tell Riot Fest means business, giving the first edition of Riot Fest East the fest’s largest line-up to date, including headliners such as Descendents, Dead Milkmen, X (playing the entire Los Angeles album), Plow United, Hot Water Music, Naked Raygun, Suicide Machines, Samiam, Weston, The Menzingers, Shot Baker, Larry and His Flask, The Holy Mess and many more.With a solid bill like that Riot Fest is sure to be the perfect way to end the festival season!

Red Bull Riot Fest began in 2005, when Michael Petryshyn and Sean McKeough launched the first fest in multiple venues over a weekend in Chicago to celebrate punk rock from every era. They put special emphasis on reuniting influential punk and underground bands who hadn’t shared the stage in years and Chicago’s rich punk history has always been a huge part of the Riot Fest roster. Expanding immensely since it's kickoff, this festival has become one of the top gatherings for fans, traveling from all around the world, of every genre of punk music. Red Bull Riot Fest Chicago will be running October 5-9th.

POSTED: Friday, September 23, 2011, 12:02 PM

Double Dutch is at it again! Next week it’s resident DJ Gun$ Garcia’s birthday edition and The Barbary will be bringing you yet another awesome all-female line up. The guest of honor is Roxy Cottontail – a New York-based (Maryland-born) artist. Her style is eclectic and effortlessly cool, finding it’s roots in punk, electro, dance, house, hip-hop, reggae and rock.

As always, DJs Gun$ Garcia and Jess Okay will be holding down the dance floor. But that’s not all- it will also be the world premiere of Marissa Dana. Hosted by Phalla, this Double Dutch is guaranteed to be better than ever. So, come enjoy some nail-art by Tout Est Bombe, cotton candy by Miss Pinky Polka Dots and of course, a sick live performance. Don’t forget to look for us either! We’ll be snapping photos all night.

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About a month ago, Dr. Marten’s opened their doors to Philadelphia at 1710 Walnut Street. But you didn’t think the British bad boys would let this go down without a party and at least some decent noise, right? Right. Tonight, Dr. Marten’s  celebrates the grand opening of their Philadelphia location with drinks, snacks, and most importantly, a FREE show by Philadelphia’s born and bred 1980’s punk-rockers: The Dead Milkmen. Little Baby’s Ice Cream will be serving up the treats at the bash, (it's no secret we are huge fans) - be sure to check out some of their wacky flavors if you have yet to experience! The madness begins at 6 PM tonight but get their early, or at least on time because there is limited space at this event. See ya'll there!

Dr. Martens. 1710 Walnut Street

POSTED: Thursday, May 26, 2011, 12:12 PM
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It's just been announced that the UK dance punk outfit, Friendly Fires, will be going on a humongous tour this summer. The tour stretches from May all the way into October (whoa). They'll be playing in Philadelphia at The First Unitarian Church on October 25th. Tickets aren't on sale yet but keep an eye on R5's page for updates.

[Consequence of Sound]

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POSTED: Thursday, January 6, 2011, 2:17 PM
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Magic Missile is making their way to WKDU on January 15th for an in-studio session. They will perform live at 2:15 during Dissociative Identity’s show slot. In order to listen to this passionate band with an ever-growing following, listen to 91.7FM or visit

With a sound that takes the glory days of Dischord Record's Q and not U with the melodic timing of classics like Afghan Whigs, Magic Missile brings their own inspiration to a genre long forgotten. Using bursts of anger, angst and plain passion, Magic Missile jumps from ironic to iconic with each lyrically amusing chorus or scream. All in all, if you are missing math rock with clear hardcore influences and a Midwestern 90's sound, Baltimore's Magic Missile may be just the remedy.

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