6 cool ways to get out of the heat this summer in Philadelphia

The three-foot-high fountains at Dilworth Park invite you to cool down and let loose like a carefree kid.

Have you heard? It’s pretty hot outside. So we rounded up six hot ways to stay cool this summer in Philadelphia.

Be a kid and splash in the fountain at Dilworth Park

Harness your inner youth and let loose at Dilworth Park, where an expansive fountain shoots up rows of three-foot-high water spouts. Worried about sanitation issues? If you’re not quite as carefree as the other kids splashing alongside you, you can rest assured that the water is actively monitored to ensure proper health and safety standards. Center City District staff use a testing kit to check the water twice a day, and water treatment experts from Klenzoid Inc. come out once a week to take additional samples. Bottoms up!

Dilworth Park, 1 S 15th St., centercityphila.org/parks/dilworth-park

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In Clubhouse Sports Lounge’s 17-degree chilled ice room, enjoy drinks while donning a faux fur coat.

Chill out post-World Cup match in a 17-degree “ice lounge,” cocktail in hand.

If you’re at all curious to check out the new Clubhouse Sports Lounge, this stretch of unbearably hot days seems like the ideal time to give the spot a visit. The Center City bar hosts a chilly, 17-degree room, where the bar, seats, and walls are all crafted from ice. Outside of the ice lounge, Clubhouse holds a warmer environment featuring two escape rooms, several pool tables, and an array of arcade games. There’s also a full wall of sharp, flat-screen TVs where you can catch all of the day’s major sports events.

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Clubhouse Sports Lounge, 111 S 17th St., 215-564-1515, clubhousephilly.com

Enjoy a private pool party after a free yoga class at the Francisville public pool

There are few better ways to stay cool than hanging out at the pool all day. With 70 public pools across the city, Philly certainly doesn’t lack places to go. On Tuesdays through Aug. 14, the Francisville location holds a weekly yoga class curated by Roots2Rise and Yoga Habit, after which you can jump in the water and enjoy a far less crowded pool experience, open to yoga-class attendees only. The all-levels yoga class is free with registration and begins at 7 p.m. Afterward, you’re invited to swim until 8:30 p.m.

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Francisville Public Pool, 1737 Francis St., roots2rise.org/5schedule

At Bar Amis, in the South Philadelphia Navy Yard area, find frosé, composed of blended rose wine, strawberries, citrus, and rum.

Sip on frosé after a walk along the river

Back by popular demand, the fad of frosé doesn’t appear to be fading out any time soon. Following in the footsteps of last summer, numerous bars and restaurants across the city are serving up the wine-infused slushie drink. For the ultimate frosé experience, head to the Navy Yard’s Bar Amis, where you can first take a sunset walk along the Delaware River before cooling off with a frozen drink inside (or on the outdoor patio). Located in South Philadelphia, the Navy Yard holds a mile-long waterfront trail as well as other free outdoor activities — including two ping-pong tables. Winner buys drinks?

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Bar Amis, 4503 S Broad St, 215-282-3184, amistrattoria.com

Eat trendy charcoal ice cream

Although it might be the season of white pants and dresses, this summer’s “it” ice cream color falls on the other side of the spectrum. Meet charcoal ice cream, an ash-dyed dessert that gets its color from activated charcoal, lending a huge punch of color without adding much flavor. Find it at the relatively new Kuriimii, where soft-serve charcoal vanilla can be paired with such contrasting choices as a purple-shaded Taro. The Chinatown locale also offers an inky-black sesame, along with matcha, honeydew, and other unusual flavors, all of which can be paired with unlimited toppings.

Kuriimii, 1023 Cherry St., 267-534-3916, kuriimii.com

In the Pine Barrens, calm rivers to kayak and sandy stop-off points for swimming await.

Head to the river for an afternoon of kayaking and swimming.

Get out of the blazing city for the day, and embark on a kayaking adventure. We’ve put together a list of places across the region to head out on the river, the bottom four of which guarantee spots to swim along the way. Bring a suit, towel, and a change of clothes, and get ready to spend the afternoon paddling in bliss.

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Various locations throughout the region