Worse gifts than Sharon Osbourne's 'used' breasts: a running list

Will they really make good paperweights? What ever happened to a piece of glass with some flowers in it?

- Any of the Star Wars prequels
- Tickets to the Opera
- Fruit/Steak/Umbrella of the month clubs, beer obviously excluded
- Anything involving the last Green Day record
- Andrew W.K. show-used clothes
- Washington Nationals tickets
- Amy Winehouse’s used breast implants
- Fruitcake
- an MC Hammer doll, with real cassette inside
- Anything from inside of Ozzy's body
- A unopened bottle of Crystal Pepsi
- This
- A free "surprise colonoscopy"
- Days of the week underwear
- A Power Rangers movie besides the first awesome one with the dinosaur battle
- The Room on DVD (see trailer below). Actually, on second thought...

Please, feel free to add your own in the comments.