Girls Rock Philly Showcase set to rock out at World Cafe Live Saturday

In 2006 Girls Rock Philly had one simple goal; teach girls about the importance of music.  From ages 9-17 this camp has grown conisderably larger with each passing year, starting with 20 campers in its first year and expanding to over 75 in 2010.  Girls Rock Philly focuses on not only musical development and mentorship, but friendship & community building, leadership skills, creativity, and critical thinking.  This well rounded camp has been molding the talents of numerous girls over the year, and on Saturday they celebrate their experience. 

This year the showcase will feature 16 bands and 4 DJs, all educated and advised by the volunteer counselors, instructors, and band coaches.  The girls were taught how to play musical instruments, form bands, write original songs, create band merchandise, and perfect their on stage swagger. 

This kind of opportunity is a great way to enhance awareness in music importance, but is also a great way to enrich the community and provide a great outlet for talent and creativity.  This non-profit organization has come a long way since its inception, and we can only imagine that it continues to grow and succeed. 

Girls Rock Philly Showcase

World Cafe Live

3025 Walnut St

Doors at 11am, show at 11:30am