Vice co-Founder Gavin McInnes brings his shenaningans to Urban Outfitters for a stand up session and book signing

Just from the title of Gavin McInnes' memoir you can tell exactly what you're in for; sophomorish, outlandish, and for the most part completely innapropriate stories and adventures.  McInnes' career as a prankster is well documented, as told in his memoir of accomplishments about the dubious pranks and situations he gets into. He's also had quite a career when it comes to Youtube videos.

His current 3 city book signing tour happens to be sponsored by Pabst, which should come as no surprise.  The book signing is also offering free beer, more than enough of a reason to go.

Gavin McInnes has proven to be quite a character, and if you get the chance to read How To Piss In Public: From Teenage Rebellion to the Hangover of Adulthood, we're sure you'll realize that immediately. 

Gavin McInnes Stand Up & Book Signing

Urban Outfitters

1627 Walnut St

6:30 PM