Celebrate Philly's 4th annual Dre Day at Tattooed Mom

The most magical day of the year is coming up, and no, I’m not talking about Valentine’s day. Philly's fourth annual Dre Day has finally arrived!

In order to celebrate properly, DJs Excel, Bo Bliz, and Ed Blammo are throwing a Dre Day party at Tattooed Mom on Saturday, February 16th. The party, which starts at 10 pm, is presented by Colt 45, Corsa and The Decades.

Get your pre-party on at Corsa from 7 – 10 pm.

4th Annual Philly DRE DAY
Tattooed Mom
February 16th
530 South St
10 pm

Dre Day Pre-party
535 South St.
7 pm