The return of Philly Naked Bike Ride

On August 25th be as bare as you dare, Philly Naked Bike Ride is back.

The 4th annual Naked Bike Ride has officially announced its return to Philadelphia. On August 25th, come as bare as you dare and prepare for some serious fun. Naked Bike Ride has happened in Philly for the past three years to promote cycling advocacy, positive body image and economic sustainability as a way of life. It also raises awareness about fuel consumption and the environmental impact of car culture, in addition to the well known fact that riding naked is extremely fun.

To find out information on where and when to meet, you must sign up.  The route will be communicated to riders who show up at the specified time and place.  Body painting supplies will be available so you can paint yourself and friends.  The ride will be departing in the afternoon, rain or shine. Afterwards, prepare to party. The party will be at the end of the ride where you will unfortunately need to put on some clothes.

Here’s what you need to bring: a bike (obviously!), water, minimum covering (prepare for weather), and clothing for when the ride ends. Participation for this event is at your own risk. Check out PNBR's official site for more rules and regs.

As you can see below, people got pretty creative at last year's PNBR. (photos by Teresa McCullough)