Photos: Elixr reopens

The folks at Elixr held the grand opening of their new space on 1512 Walnut street this past Wednesday with a very cool party featuring live music, drinks, and espresso pulled by their regular baristas along with some reps from PT’s Coffee. It was easy to forget that we were hanging out in a coffee shop for a few hours as the atmosphere made it seem more like we were in a bar that served really great coffee. The shop was packed with a cross-section of people that showed the new space mad love.

Elixr has a history of helping charitable causes and this event was no different. They held a silent auction whose proceeds benefitted the construction of an art classroom in a South West Philly charter school. If you’d like to help, you can purchase a coffee card for $15, it guarantees you one free drip coffee from September 1st through the 15th.

The event was a success, fans and regulars of the shop were very excited about new space, and all the great details we got a glimpse of in-between the overflowing crowd.

The next morning I stopped by to get a better sense of the redesign helmed by Greensaw Design and it’s really rad. There are so many great contrasts and textures along with floating plants and terrariums. The hand-drawn wallpapers by Tennyson Tippy are a stand out, and give the place a nice feminine touch amongst the very masculine wood and steel fixtures. 

There is a variety of seating to accommodate individuals, couples or big groups. The shop has also embraced their clientele’s knack for working there and installed a ton of outlets around the communal seating areas.

They’ve kept the communal picnic tables but added some individual chairs on one side.
The previous shop had a lot of intimacy to it, but this new space will better accommodate coffee lovers when the busy season rolls around in late Fall and throughout Winter. Elixr will also serve Intelligentsia coffee in addition to PT’s Coffee. I’m very excited to get my first sip of an Intelligentsia pour-over!

Go check out the new space if you haven’t already!