Tell it like it is: I was born to...

Tell It Like It Is is a new weekly photo feature from Hillary Petrozziello that challenges the limiting, one-dimensional aesthetic of portraiture by engaging the viewer with visual linguistics. Each week we will talk to strangers throughout the pretty city and photograph their dry-erase responses to a new prompt. These phrases will range in subject matter from silly to serious, but all will attempt to tickle the brains of the meandering youth for your viewing pleasure. Are you inquisitive? Feel free to get involved with the project by commenting suggestions for next week’s prompt. Go ‘head, tell it like it is.

This week we asked our subjects to finish this prompt: "I was born to _____________."

Shae Williams, 23, Singer & Songwriter


John Dugan, 22, Pizza Hustler


Sic, 20, Rapper


Haley Burgess, 21, Management and Fashion Merchandising Student


Naissere, 4 Months, Baby with his mother Tiana Young, 17, Student


Phanatic wheatpaste, 34, Phillies Mascot


Martin, 27, Carpenter


Raina Beresniewicc, 25, Pastry Chef


Krystal Lenar, 30, Dog Groomer


Zach Rawe, 24, Graduate Student of Scuplture

Adrian Velez, 31, Insurance Agent


Sandy Boyle, 38, Bartender

About the photographer: 
Hillary Petrozziello was raised in Ono, Pennsylvania as the last of five children. Growing up in a town of 120 people instilled in her a curiosity for compact urban life, culture and oddity in Philadelphia. She is a storyteller of sorts -- immersed in a world of geometrics and emotions, a history keeper, securing time in terabytes in hopes of in turn defining her own story through visual chromaticism. She is fascinated with bridging the dichotomy between the intangible mind-heart and its outward expression, focused on the weirdness and transitory moments to communicate deeper themes that go unspoken. Her style is influenced by the mundane intrigues of beauty, light, and energy in the everyday. Her goal is to harness visual intuition in order to foster a greater level of awareness and social tolerance in an increasingly interconnected world. "With my lens I make amends."