Style Roundup: The Best of Etsy

We love etsy! It's amazing what you can find from so many designers and sellers in one place, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming when you're not sure what you're looking for. We've rounded up some of our favorite etsy shops for our readers to bookmark this week! Everything from iphone cases to fake nails has been added to the mix.

My Little Fish Eye

My Little Fish Eye is an amazing shop on etsy filled with so many different items - there truly is something for everyone. The shop features vintage clothing, vintage jewelry reworked clothing, mens clothing, a '6 dollar vintage corner', and handmade jewelry by the designer and shop owner, Lauren. If spike headbands, crystals, and necklaces made out of lighters sound appealing to you, My Little Fish Eye should be a bookmark on your web browser, ASAP.


Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity has recieved an abundant amount of press recently over their witty designs. With iphone cases resembling peanut butter jars, wallets designed to look like a vintage bible, we can surely see what everyone loves. Zero Gravity also takes custom orders which is pretty rad for those of you who can come up with ideas comparable to what's already in the shop.


Twin Hearts Vintage

When it comes to Twin Hearts Vintage we have three words: so, much, VINTAGE! This etsy shop based out of New York takes the cake when it comes to vintage finds. You'll find handbags, belts, shoes, accessories, jewelry, dolls and toys, decor and housewares, books and magazines at this etsy shop. Included in the shop's featured items is a Vintage 1960's Mattel doll - in other words, you'll find almost anything.


Omen Eye 
We love Omen Eye's destroyed shorts! Who cares if its summer or not. Destroyed vintage cutoffs arn't going anywhere and these are amazing. Street style blogger, Alana, of, brings her talent to etsy.



QooQoo is a fashion brand based out of Latvia led by graphic designer, Alona Bauska. Alona's design's are brave and colorful and find their way onto a plethora of items including boots, leggings, skirts, dresses, and much more.



So this might sound weird, but people are actually selling fake nails on etsy. Can't say we hate the idea though, since nail art is currently something the world is obsessing over. Visit Cre8tiveKtina's shop here.


Mei Lai

Mei Lai is a shop dedicated to reworked vintage clothing! It's no secret that this trend is everywhere, but it sure is difficult to find a favorite place to purchase. Designer Ashlee Espinoza brings new life to vintage clothing by completely reworking the garments, adding fabric, studs, spikes, and stencling, all done by hand.


Santoki Vintage

Based out of Austin, Texas, Santoki Vintage is stocked when it comes to bags and accessories! There is so much leather in this shop it is unbelievable, so before dishing out the dough for expensive leather boots, you might want to to take a look here.