Pennsylvania haunted house offering 'Naked and Scared' challenge

Will Naked and Scared participants just end up naked and scarred?

Would you run through a haunted house completely naked? If the answer is yes, you might want to head to Shocktoberfest for "Naked and Scared", inspired by the Discovery Channel series, "Naked and Afraid."

For $20, participants can experience the Unknown Haunted Hause completely naked or "prude", meaning that they are allowed to wear underwear if they so choose.

From the Shocktoberfest site:

"Participants undress in a semi-private preshow building, experience the Unknown Haunted House, and then exist into a semi-private fenced courtyard where they will get dressed. Participants are never in view of minors or non-participating customers. Naked and Scared Challenge is not offered on Sundays."

Does this look like fun, or will participants just end up naked and scarred?

"Shocktoberfest has created The Naked and Scared Challenge to test your fears and phobias on a whole new level. For the first time ever you can now experience the Unknown Haunted House totally naked! See if you have Gymnophobia- the fear of being nude."

Shocktoberfest is located at 94 Park Ave., Sinking Spring, PA 19608.