Sexual Parisian Makes Time

Once again, Making Time has kicked things into high gear. This weekend, the special guest for the Philadelphia institution is none other than Sebastien Tellier. Wait, who? That’s exactly what I said until I did some research. Imagine the most groovy, sexual music from the mid to late 80s, make it all be done by a single white dude with a ridiculous beard. If Lionel Richie became part of this new hip club scene, he’d be Sebastien Tellier.

Tellier’s new album is called exactly what it is, Sexuality. For a whole record, Tellier just goes on and on about the different aspects of getting down, put out by the guys in Air.

The usual suspects will be there as well, Making Time residents Dave P, Dave Pak and Mike Z, but this weekend’s edition will be at the Starlight Ballroom. Saturday night. 9pm. Be there or be a little less sexy.
Making Time starts at 9pm. 4.4.09 at Starlight Ballroom, 460 N 9th Street. $12. 21+