Set phasers to stun: Penn Museum to host ‘Star Trek’ night

A Star Trek night is coming to the Penn Museum, and it would be highly illogical for Philly-based Trekkies to miss out.

The Penn Museum (3260 South St.) will make it so on Wednesday, April 19 starting at 6 p.m with an evening of Star Trek-themed museum exploration that will have attendees earning their Starfleet ranks. Tickets run $20 each ($15 for museum members), and include one free drink. Guests must be 18 or older (21+ to drink).

After hearing about Star Trek’s connection to the Epic of Gilgamesh (the museum owns more than dozen tablets containing the story), guests will start earning their Starfleet ranks through one of three different choose-your-own-adventure-style paths. Guests can choose between focusing on Science/Medicine, Command/Leadership, or Engineering/Security for the evening.

From there, a series of physical and mental challenges throughout different sections of the museum will determine guests’ Starfleet graduation. And, no, not everyone will make it.

But whether or not guests graduate from the Starfleet, they can still enjoy the party following their education, which is complete with a performance from The Roddenberries, a Star Trek-themed band formed in Philly in 2012. “Space cocktails,” as the museum’s events page says, will be served.