Salute your party shorts at 'This Is How We Do It' summer camp dance party

Do you remember watching shows like Bug Juice and thinking to yourself, “Gee, I want to go to summer camp!”

It was the common dream of a ‘90s kid to want to go to summer camp, have the time of your life, crush on the cutest guy or girl at camp and go to that awesome dance party they would throw at the end of every camp season.

Maybe you never got to go to camp and the dream is still alive in your adult heart–well, lucky for you. One dance party this Friday will encapsulate all of the nostalgia you want to relive or never got to live.

This Is How We Do It, Summer Camp dance party is a party for us kids-turned-adults.There will be plenty of throwback jams, opportunities to dress in your "grungiest" threads and plenty of drinks for all you party people!

Friday, July 26, 9 pm – 2 am, 21+
The Trocadero Balcony, 1003 Arch St.
$7 (dressed in '90s gear), $10 without