Sprint for your life at the Philadelphia Zombie Run

Philadelphia is about to be under a full on zombie attack and, this April, you're going to have to make a run for it. The Philadelphia Zombie Run is coming.

Zombie Run hits Philadelphia on Sunday, April 7th. The 5k will begin at 8 am where, at the starting line, runners will come across a flipped tanker, which will be the source of the toxic compound. At the first kilometer, runners will enter a military-controlled apocalypse zone – this is where the zombie attack begins. Around the third kilometer, runners will arrive at the vaccination hydration center, where vaccines will fail and runners will have to continue their sprint from zombies. The final two kilometers are a free-for-all, as runners scramble towards the finish line, zombies will be absolutely everywhere, helicopters will be circling overhead and military personnel will be distributing facemasks for safety.

Daring runners will have the option of wearing a custom, latex free “life-balloon” that zombies will be trying to pop and snatch before the runners can reach the finish line. However, even if you’re "life" is snatched, you're still welcome to continue through the spooky journey.

Dead or alive, all runners who complete the 5k will be able to attend the Quarantine Party afterwards.

Runners have the choice between registering as a human for $50 individually (it’s $45 if you have a 4+ team)- which includes an Official Zombie Run t-shirt, a Zombie Run eco-water bottle, and admission to the Quarantine Party, or running as a zombie for $30 - which includes a gory, movie-quality zombie makeover, exclusive zombie gear and admittance to the Survivor Party.

You can check out more information on the Zombie Run and the Quarantine Party here.

Get ready to run for your lives, Philly.

Zombie Run
FDR Park
8 am
Register here