Release Roundup: New tune, new album art, new album

At the beginning of the week we got wind of three big announcements/releases. From a new track, new album art, and a big album, you're going to want to keep reading. 

Drake has created a buzz with his recent intentions to produce a posthumous album from the dearly missed Aaliyah.  He fortified this endeavor by releasing a track titled "Enough Said".  Aaliyah's scintilating and incredibly soothing voice plays over an understated, eerie beat, accompanied by a verse from Drake about halfway through.  While some protest from Aaliyah's family has arose, it seems as though this project will continue production.  Aaliyah died in a fateful plane crash in 2001 and this album would be her second posthumous release, after I Care 4 U was released in December 2002.  Along with Drake producing the album, Timbaland has expressed interest in getting involved, as well as Missy Elliott.

Kanye West has developed quite a trend of releasing exciting and extremely creative album art.  You can look back to the beginning of his career where the Dropout Bear frequented his The College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation covers, or examine his more recent projects like My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy.  Any Kanye album cover is going to make you think, and that is exactly what the Cruel Summer album cover does.  It makes you wonder how it is related to the content included, and overall it is simply interesting.  While the release date has been rumored and pushed back numerous times, Sept. 4th is the official release date, so get ready! 

Riff Raff recently threw down at the Mad Decent Block party, and today he dropped his first Mad Decent release BiRTH OF AN iCON.  The eccentric rapper has a style that we liken to Das Racist, nothing too aggressive or over the top.  The album features some of his biggest tracks so far as well as the previously unreleased track "Terror Wrist".  Riff was a hit at the MDBP this past weekend, and hopefully this release is received just as well.  You can download it HERE!