Recap: IDentity Festival

The IDentity Festival has become quite a spectacle this summer, already having made stops in the Midwest, Toronto, New York, and DC.  It rolled into Philly on Sunday and was greeted with exuberance from the thousands of teenyboppers, house heads, and everyone in between.  The all ages aspect of the tour lends itself to an extremely young crowd, as was apparent on Sunday.  There are pros and cons of having such a young fan base, and electronic music is learning how to accommodate it.  The vivacious audience was enthralled in each build, and exploded when each drop came.  Here are a few highlights from some of the performers on Sunday-->


The dubstep wonders Noisia took the stage in the afternoon and was primed and ready to give Philadelphia its bass heavy injection.  Their set flowed very nicely, ranging from dubstep, to drum & bass, to electro house.  That kind of range pleases a lot of crowds, and it was definitely the case during Noisia’s performance.  Select tracks included a fierce ‘Until They Kick Us Out’ remix, Nero’s ‘Me and You’, and Kill The Noise’s remix of ‘Diplodocus’, which ignited the crowd to say the least. 


Arty has built a name on his uplifting and euphoric trance and progressive house productions, but in a major surprise he came out with mostly heavy electro house picks.  This easily won the crowd over and he continued to impress throughout his set.  His ‘Punk’ mix is always a crowd favorite, while a ridiculous ‘Rockafella Skank’ remix impressed everyone.  He worked his way through the rest of his set until he dropped his ‘Spectrum’ remix, a track that is set to be included on the highly anticipated EP from Zedd.



The Dutch electro house duo Showtek has surprised a lot of festival goers with their powerful, energetic set.  They were engaging the crowd, had a fantastic CO2 blaster, and really set the tone for the rest of the night.  They dropped a lot of unreleased tracks, which is always nice to see in a set.  Their new track "How We Do" with Hardwell went over extremely well.  You should definitely expect to see more rave reviews about Showtek in the future. 


The 18 year old French prodigy is one of the hottest commodities in electronic music today.  His blend of electro and progressive house is impressive, but his ability to throw in huge rock n’ roll elements is truly special.  Massive tunes like A-Trak’s remix of ‘The Night Out’, ‘Atom’, and Skrillex’s ‘Breaking A Sweat’ were huge, but his own productions are what really put everyone over the edge.  His ‘Pop Culture’ track has already received over 12 million views on YouTube, and seeing it live was unbelieveable, while his new song ‘Finale’ was something else.  This kid has a ton of talent, and the sky really is the limit for him. 



Dubstep wonder Excision was a great addition to this show, in large part because he brings such a dynamic sound and style to the tour.  In addition to his heavy hitting selections, a fair amount of Moombahton and Moombahcore picks gave his set a very diverse feel.  Skrillex’s ‘Goin Hard’ mix, Crizzly’s ‘Chain Hang Low’ remix, and Delta Heavy’s ‘When The Rain Is Gone’ remix were exactly what the crowd had been clamoring for all night, so it is safe to say Excision delivered a welcoming and fantastic set. 

Eric Prydz:

Headliner Eric Prydz has an almost mythical status among EDM fans, and he showed everyone why.  Prydz dished out Progressive House anthems one after another, building up the audience and culminating with each break.  Selections included his own ‘Pjanoo’ and ‘Allein’, while Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’ has become a track that many DJs have fallen in love with.  Eric Prydz was the perfect ending to a very exciting and impressive day.