Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Philadelphia Museum of Art's Perelman Building introduces 'Prom Photography' exhibit, start reminiscing on July 1st

Mary Ellen Mark's 'Prom Photography' exhibit opens at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, chronicling 13 high school proms from 2006-2009 and setting off waves of nostalgia starting July 1st

Philadelphia Museum of Art's Perelman Building introduces 'Prom Photography' exhibit, start reminiscing on July 1st

Mary Ellen Mark

More often than not, recalling your Prom night evokes a great sense of nostalgia and some of the fondest memories of your high school experience.  This rite of passage was the target of Mary Ellen Kelly's latest photo series as she focuses on 13 high schools varying in region and class distinction, but all possessing moments and characteristics that we remember all too well. 

This exhibit, which opens on July 1st at the Perelman Building, was shot with a 20-by-24 inch Polaroid Land Camera and is entirely in black & white.  By presenting her subjects in black & white, there is a hint of further intimacy, or awkwardness, between not only the viewer and the photograph, but between the prom dates as well.  60 photographs are included in the exhibit, as well as a 33 minute video from Mark's husband Martin Bell examining the lives of the photo subjects themselves during the time that Mark was shooting the original photos.

Prom was a memorable time for everyone, and by drawing from such a wide range of subjects, Mark is allowing everyone to relate to the experience in their own way.  Don't be surprised if this exhibit makes you want to give your prom date a call and laugh about how ridiculous your hair was or what may or may not have happened at after prom.  In any case, Prom: Photography by Mary Ellen Mark is a must see exhibit this summer. 

Prom: Photography by Mary Ellen Mark
Julien Levy Gallery, Perelman Building
26th St. Benjamin Franklin Parkway
July 1st-Oct 28th
Adults $8, Seniors (ages 65 & over) $7, Students $6, Children ages 13-18 $6, ages 12 & under Free
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