Our Weekly Concert Picks, May 1–May 8

Little Boots will be playing Making Time on Saturday, May 4th along with Tiger & Woods and Beach Fossils.

Another week of beautiful weather and beaucoup de shows!


Wednesday, May 1: The Nite Lights at L’Etage

Street art aficionados might know Joe Boruchow from his sweet geometric wheat pastes, sprucing up our trash cans and vacant storefronts across the city—but it turns out the Philly artist has a musical side as well. When he’s not painting the town black (and white), Boruchow fronts local folk act The Nite Lights—a self-described “handmade  rock’n roll” band that’s been casually gigging for over a decade now. This Wednesday, they’ll take the stage at Queen Village spot L’Etage alongside father-son blues duo Beaucoup Blue—for the venue’s monthly “First Wednesday” event. Expect low-key vibes, and a whole lot of foot-stompin.’ Before you go: Scoop up Boruchow’s new solo EP, Mind Eraser, for free via Bandcamp. We’ve got the skulking, jittery “Dance All Night” on repeat!

9:00 at L’Etage, 624 S. 6th St., $5. Tickets available at the door.


Friday, May 3: Grandchildren CD Release at Johnny Brenda’s

For nearly five years now, Philly orchestral pop collective Grandchildren has wooed crowds with lush soundscapes, sparkling synths, and a lively stage show that juxtaposes front man Aleks Martray’s stoicism with his bandmates’ ebullience. This Friday though, even Martray should be able to crack a smile, as the band celebrates the release of its sophomore record Golden Age—a sprawling, kaleidoscopic journey inspired by Martray’s myriad travels, which aims to capture nostalgia through sunny harmonies and moments of catharsis. The result is a bright, lively record that practically seems made for spring weather. Before you go: Stream the entire record for free via AllMusic. And make sure to arrive early for sets from Philly faves The Lawsuits and Laser Background!

9:15 at Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., $10. Tickets available here.


Saturday, May 4: Parquet Courts at PhilaMOCA

Parquet Courts are a punk band (Brooklyn by way of Texas), whose smart, snarky, shreddy nugs hearken back to a time when punk music had balls, or at least some sort of genuine emotion. On debut record Light Up Gold, these emotions run the gamut from simple hunger (see: weedy diatribe “Stoned and Starving”) to concern about the future and making the most of time. On the surface, it’s a simple formula—yet  by matching frustration (and hunger) with real aggression and spiky riffs, Parquet Courts tap into something resonant and fun—without ever taking themselves too seriously. Before you go: Check out this live vid of the band jamming at SXSW, and get pumped. We also recommend eating something hearty beforehand—lest “Stoned and Starving’”s  breakdown of snack options should spur some stomach growling.

8:00 at PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12 St., $10. Tickets available here.


Saturday, May 4: Making Tiempo with Little Boots, Tiger & Woods, and Beach Fossils

This Sunday at midnight we’ll usher in Cinco de Mayo, the American-appropriated Mexican celebration of culture and (it seems) copious tequila-drinking. And what better way to celebrate (and drink tequila) than with another epic Making Time rager? This month’s line-up features British electro-pop singer Little Boots (whose sophomore record Nocturnes drops the 5th as well)—alongside Italian “future boogie” duo Tiger & Woods, and dreamy Brooklynites Beach Fossils. Also included: your resident Making Time Dj’s, and all the hot dogs you can eat. No word yet on whether Making Time guru Dave P. will don a sombrero for the occasion, although we’ve got our fingers crossed.

9:00 at Voyeur, 1221 St. James St., $12–$15. Tickets available here.


Sunday, May 5: Japanther at Kung Fu Necktie

Brooklyn art punk duo Japanther want to subvert your expectations about rock shows. They want to subvert your expectations about rock shows…by playing some of the strangest and most creative shows we’ve seen, including: on the back of a moving truck, atop the Williamsburg Bridge, and while surrounded by giant puppets. Or just by f****** raging really hard. It’s tough to say what their KFN show will bring, but we’re prepared for the worst (by which we mean the best). Formed in 2006 by Pratt students Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek (there’s a rule that all “Japan” bands must be duos), Japanther turned heads with their fiery brand of gritty garage rock and impressive discography, which—according to Wikipedia—includes 22 separate releases, including their forthcoming LP Eat Like Lisa, Act Like Bart. Before you go: Check out new single “Stolen Flowers” and get ready to get rage-y.

8:00 at Kung Fu Necktie, 1129 N. Front St., $10. Tickets available here.