Our Weekly Concert Picks, February 20–February 26

This weekend's line-up includes The Casualties, Light Heat and more -

Friday, February 22: Adam and Dave’s Bloodline EP Release at Johnny Brenda’s

Adam Garbinski and Dave Petersen first met nearly two decades ago at a punk show in Northeast Philly, and bonded over a love of classic rock and punk. They formed Adam and Dave’s Bloodline a few years later—and since then, have evolved into a fully-recognized five-piece, who boast two full-length records of jangly, Replacements-style rock. This Friday, they return with a new EP, 2x2, a moody collection of post-punk jammers, which they’ll celebrate with a rollicking release show at Johnny Brenda’s. Expect space-y vibes, and lots of nodding. Before you go: Check out single “Counting Backwards” to get psyched.

9:00 at Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., $10. Tickets available here.

Friday, February 22: The Casualties at O’Reilly’s

In some ways, The Causalities were your quintessential punk band, in that a) they completely bucked trends, maintaining their trademark NYC street punk sound throughout; and b) actually, they were too punk to even conform to the demands of your @#$%^ band, with members frequently rebelling and/or quitting. Throughout their long year career, the band changed members with astonishing force, but still soldiered—nay, raged—on, propelled by a spirit of pure frenzy, and front man Jorge Herrera’s manic, sputtering vocals. This is their 20th anniversary reunion show, so expect to see old heads in leather vests raging right alongside young punks.

8:00 at O’Reilly’s, 2672 Coral St., $12. Tickets available here.

Saturday, February 23: Light Heat at Johnny Brenda’s

Prior to forming Light Heat, Philly beardsman Quentin Stoltzfus fronted another band you might have heard of called Mazarin. With Mazarin, he crafted some of the loveliest, most understated pop melodies the city had long seen—lending a sense of quiet grandeur to tunes about being broke, lonely, and directionless. Unfortunately, Stoltzfus was forced to abandon his moniker in 2006, after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from an NY group with the same name—and seven years after Mazarin’s last release, Stoltzfus returned with Light Heat, a new project with former Mazarin band mate Mickey Walker, plus Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine) and Drew Mills (Aspera, Blood Feathers.) Together, they craft hazy psych pop gems like the lithe “And the Birds” and the rocking “Elevation.” Before you go: Check out a live video of Stoltzfus rehearsing, along with The Walkmen’s Peter Bauer and Fleet Foxes’ Skye Skjelset.

9:15 at Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., $10. Tickets available here.

Saturday, February 23: Folkadelphia Presents Spirit & Dust at Studio 34

Philly folk band Spirit & Dust don’t just play gigs—they create engrossing, multi-media spectaculars—and this Saturday, they’ll release their debut record, Shore to Shore, with a thrilling, musical performance that combines storytelling, songs, visuals, and general dramatics. The band describes Shore to Shore as “a story about two people who—in the heat of life—have fallen apart”; expect both jaunty, horn-laced, folk anthems, and moments of real sentimentality. The combined musicality of the band’s eight members should have no trouble positively overwhelming the small venue with positive vibes; up your vibe quotient even more by arriving early for tea and homemade snacks from Folkadelphia founder Fred Knittel. Before you go: check out the Shore to Shore teaser via Bandcamp.

7:00 at Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave., $10. Tickets available at the door.