None More Black, back to business

One of the most exciting parts of last summer was some activity among one of Philly’s best who have decided to give it another go, None More Black. Opening for the Bouncing Souls at the Troc, the band surprised us all with a new song. Now, they’re working on a new record. Currently being recorded with Will Yip (who helmed last year’s amazing Blacklisted record), the album is tentatively titled Icons and the band is keeping a blog of activity.

It’s not like the guys weren’t busy during their hiatus. CPM and Paul Delaney had their brief, yet awesome, run as Ram & Ox and Jason Shevchuk did a number of bands including the over-before the album even came out LaGrecia. Thankfully thanks to new drummer Richard Minino (of New Mexican Disaster Squad), the band is reinvigorated. And we’re all getting reinvigorated about them.

Expect the album on Fat Wreck Chords towards the end of the year.

P.S.- if you check all the "tags" at the bottom of the post, it's probably the best explanation of NMB's music I've come across, however inadvertant it was (especially if you ad "and roll" to the end).

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