Nitro Circus brings daredevil, live action stunts to Wells Fargo Center

The Nitro Circus crew perform a daredevil stunt. (Photo via

At the dawn of the millennium, Jackass reigned supreme on MTV. The franchise, that made guys like Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera famous, sparked endless seasons, movies, and spinoff TV shows – one of which was called Nitro Circus

Unlike Jackass’ slapstick, dare-based comedy, Nitro Circus is a serious group of well-known professional, extreme sports athletes who perform high flying stunts that will make you quiver in your boots.

Headed by 10-time X Games gold champ Travis Pastrana, and his crew of 40 stunt riders, the Nitro Circus has embarked on a massive tour that will showcase their most terrifying feats, but with a comical twist. Their record-breaking tricks will leave you in shock as they are catapulted into the air by BMX bike, shopping cart, boogie board, golf cart, and so much more. They continue to push the limits in the face of fear.

“This is truly an exciting, adrenaline-charged, live action sports show featuring an insane group of athletes who push each other to new extremes every single show,” Pastrana has said about the team’s performance.

This Thursday, Jan. 9 at 6:30 p.m. you can catch all of the action at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center. Tickets are still available ($39-139).

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