New EP From Philly Slick: Everything's Game

Music is a journey and for the past five years, local hip-hop band, Philadelphia Slick has blazed an impressive path. From early acclaim and recognition that included a 2007 Philly Car Share Sound Clash win, a 2008 Philadelphia City Paper Reader's Choice title as well as more recent praise from this site, Philly Slick has succeeded by staying away from formulas and making genuinely interesting music.

In a genre that has become increasingly devoid of artistry and substance, Philly Slick's dynamic production and complex, socially conscience lyrics have made them a staple among the city's hip hop heads and earned them a host of fans up and down the East Coast.

Five years is practically forever in music, and keeping an indie hip-hop band going for that long is definitely deserving of praise. While the group is focused on looking forward, they're also taking time to celebrate this important milestone. On May 14, the group will be kicking off nine city tour in Burlington, Vermont. Making their way down the coast, Slick will be back in Philly on May 22nd to celebrate not only their five year anniversary, but also the release of their latest work, Everything's Game.

The Everything's Game EP is certainly an impressive entry to Philly Slick's catalogue. Weighing in at only six tracks and just under 20 minutes long, it's by far the most concise release in Philly Slick's career. Still, what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in content; there's not a wasted second among the EP's six songs. Also, the group recorded this one at soul legend Bobby Eli's Studio E, and the difference in sound quality between Everything's Game and their last album, Oil, is readily apparent.

The EP will be available on Philly Slick's website starting May 14th. You can also grab a copy when Philly Slick hits the Blockley Pourhouse on Saturday, May 22nd.