National Frontman Sings Of Lincoln

Abe Lincoln would have turned 200 this year. For some reason, a 200-year-old man is currently more popular than he has been in over a century thanks to our current commander-in-chief invoking his spirit almost every time he makes a speech. The former First Lady is even in the news lately thanks to a biography describing her Manhattan shopping sprees, followed by throngs of reporters.

You know who else loves the most honest, bearded president of all time? Bryce Dessner, frontman of indie-rock superstars The National. The Rosenbach Museum will host perhaps the most unexpected concert of all time on Thursday night with Dessner performing “The Lincoln Shuffle”, a series of songs inspired by music from Lincoln’s era, his inaugural address and Lincoln’s favorite song, “Dixie.”
Dessner will be joined by some other musicians to present the songs in an old school way, acoustically. Check out 21stCenturyAbe to hear some songs and get some more info about the Lincoln revitalization.
The Lincoln Shuffle with Bryce Dessner, start at 6:30pm. 4.2.09 at The Rosenbach Museum, 2008 Delancey Place. Tickets: $12/members, $20/non-members.