Made in America: What 12 of our stylish friends are wearing

September is right around the corner again and that means apple cider, lots of layering, and the Made in America festival! Just in time for "Back to School", it's also the best time to update your wardrobe and perfect your look. Some of our most stylish friends are here to show you how it's done!

 Rhiannon Janae

Who: Rhiannon Janae – / She is a 22yr old model, musician, and blogger who has been featured in Just Another Fashion Magazine and a number of campaigns.

What: Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Booties and Forever 21 Jacket

Why: I chose these two items because when it comes to fall, I am all about layering and black. A jacket to me is the most important item of clothing to have. It makes the outfit. Every fall I always try to find a new "leather" jacket to purchase. It looks great with jeans, dresses, leggings, skirts, you name it. You really can never go wrong with a leather jacket! My second most important accessory is my chunky Jeffrey Campbell platform boots. Number one: Every girl should own at LEAST one pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Number two: These boots take your fall outfit to a whole new edgy level. Not to mention the fact that you'll grow a couple inches in them!

Curran Swint

Who: Curran Swint – He is a 25yr old stylist, event planner, and vintage connoisseur . He is a Mt. Airy native who started KRT as a lifestyle clothing brand focused on bringing together men’s fashion inspiration and promoting positive self-image.

What: Jack Purcell sneakers and Weekender Bag by 611 Lifestyle.

Why: When going to a festival I would wear something stylish yet comfortable. I choose the Jack Purcell sneakers because it is simple and comfortable sneaker yet can still go well with any outfit. Also when out in festivals you may need some type of bag. Not saying that you have to carry the type of bag I have in my hand but something to keep some essentials with you.

Jana Kirn

Who: Jana Kirn – She is a 21yr old Retail Merchandising and Product Development student at FSU. She is in Philly for the summer as an intern for the Free People web studio at their home office. She started her blog as a creative outlet for her photography and style musings and hopes to inspire others through this medium.

What: Sienna Leather Boots from Free People, For Love & Lemons Luciana Dress from Planet Blue, and Vintage Alamo Backpack from Free People.

Why: A good pair of boots is essential on my festival must haves list. They give your feet good protection and will help you stay comfortable for hours of dancing.

Simple dresses are easy to throw on and perfect to accessorize with. One with long sleeves will help keep you warm in the fall without having to pack on a bunch of layers.

I have become a big fan of backpacks. Storing all your personal extras on your back is easy to manage and practical when you are walking between stages at a festival.

Taylor Horne

Who: Taylor Horne – He is a 22yr old fashion photographer, stylist, and model from Philadelphia who attended the Antonelli Institute of Photography & Graphic Design. He is an advocate for LGBT youth and frequently volunteers to help the community.

What: DIY Rockport shoes, AM Clothing Beater, DIY Denim Vest

Why: I would rock these shoes to the festival because I think they really represent my aesthetic. I wore them for a while and they got so beat up, and rather than retire them, I decided to add the studs to play up how broken-in they are. They are just strange enough for me.

I have to be honest, I am recommending the "stars and stripes" beater because its the MADE IN AMERICA Festival. And AM Clothing sent me this beater to promote their brand. They are an all american brand that really appeals to the "american dreamer" and although I am not the US Flag print type (more a union jack guy myself) I do like to support American Brands.

I had decided to wear the vest because I felt that it played down the print of the beater and brought that brit-punk edge back into the look. I often try to have a piece that connects me to my past and I always celebrate what makes me unique. and though the festival is all about MADE IN AMERICA, I have to represent my british ancestors who came here for the American Dream.

Marcus Branch

Who: Marcus Branch – He is a 20yr old Photography student at the University of the Arts and Editor in Chief of SKLTN Magazine. SKLTN showcases creative individuals and their style and is an outlet for Marcus’ photography.

What: Custom Platform Nike Blazers, Oak Box Loop Dress/Tee, and Adeen Snapback

Why: The Nike Blazers are perfect for festivals because they're comfortable enough to hold you through the day but don't lack in impact! They're sure to grab attention and elevate your entire ensemble.

Lightweight, easy, and versatile, this tee is both a statement and an easy piece to toss on. It's draping and length keep it intriguing while it's versatility and loose fit makes it comfortable and hassle free. Who wants to worry about maintenance in their outfit when trying to dance around to their favorite artist? 

The baseball cap is sure to grab attention while taking snapbacks to the next level. 3D Text on a hat? Who isn't bound to turn heads in it? It's an obsession and a must have.

Sophia Rivera and Sarah Crothers

Who: Sophia Rivera and Sarah Crothers – . Both are 19yrs old. Sarah is an Environmental Studies and Spanish major and Sophia is an ESL Education major at Albright College in Reading, PA.  TPOT features DIY project ideas, eco friendly tips, fashion posts, and beauty reviews.

What: (Sophia) H&M Scarf and Mustard Tights from Ebay. (Sarah) Charlotte Russe Cross-body bag and GoJane Combat Boots.

Why: (Sophia) I picked this scarf because for one, scarves are a basic fall necessity because they add something different to every outfit. They look good with dresses or a cute shirt and jeans. I like the red in this scarf because it reminds me of the leaves that will soon be here. Walking around a lot outside during the beginning of fall means you'll get chilly but not too cold. If you're at a festival you don't want to lug around a cardigan because you'll get hot. This scarf is lightweight so it will give you warmth but also you can take it off and tie it around your bag-which still looks cute

I love these tights from Nanuinternational so much. Fall is my favorite time to wear pops of color and wearing colored tights with any outfits brightens it up. It's also a shade of one of the many colored leaves that we will soon be seeing. Paired with a simple dress and a scarf, this my ideal outfit for a fall festival.

(Sarah) A side bag that securely seals is best when in crowds and at festivals to be sure you do not lose anything. I've found that a medium-sized bag is best to fit a couple things like cash and your phone, especially if you are wearing a dress and are without pockets. I also like the fringe, it adds a little boho vibe to your look.

I love combat boots. They can add edge to any type of look and boots are sturdy and comfy. They also beat flats in gloomier weather. Plus being in crowds, you want a sturdy shoe that will keep you safe when jumping in crowds.

Darnell Lamont

Who: Darnell Lamont – He is a 24yr old photographer, artist, and graphic designer who shoots fashion, events, and more. Check out his Flickr for more shots!

What: Dr. Martens 1460 Mono 8-eye Boot and Casio Digital Watch.

Why: My gold Casio watch and my 1460 Dr. Martens are great accents to my every day wear- Simple yet classic. We couldn't agree more, Darnell! We love how his approach to fashion matches his graphic design aesthetic. Unfussy!

Dominique Negron

Who: Dominique Negron – / She is a 24yr old fashion blogger and the Stylist and Creative Director for her clothing brand, couture vulture. She studied Anthropology at the University of New Hampshire with a concentration in Race Studies.

What: Free People leather brim baseball cap, J Crew leather belt, printed skinny jeans by The Collector, and pointy ankle strap flats from Pixie Market.

Why: I love wearing hats for sun blockage and as a alternative to glasses. This one from Free People is also in-line with the sporty trend seen in shows like Alexander Wang. Wear a belt to draw the eye to the waist. It adds an element of Parisian chic and a layer to a simple denim outfit. These pants are perfect because you need at least one eye catching element whether it be color or pattern. Pattern on pants is more rare! I would wear these shoes for comfort and to set the trend before the fall hits. We will be seeing pointed toes and ankle straps everywhere.

Work Drugs

Who: Benjamin Louisiana from Work Drugs  – Philadelphia smooth-fi band who recently released a new album named Absolute Bearing has already started a sensation that will only continue to grow. Stay up to date with their upcoming shows on Facebook!

What: J.Crew Tartan Shirt, Oakley Frogskins, and Vineyard Vines Belts

Why: Tartan and Madras button downs are easily identifiable and you can always roll the sleeves up if it gets too warm on stage, on the boat, or wherever. Plus, there are a bunch of color varieties and patterns so you can really mix it up.

These Oakey Frogskins are great to spot a fish through the water when cruising out on the ocean. They also serve well on stage, as those spot lights can get really bright. They were kind of popular during the early 90's and have recently been reissued by Oakley: It's a nice twist on all the black Ray-ban Wayfarers I see around. Plus, the lenses are killer and come in a wide variety of colors.

We love these Vineyard Vines belts. They are comfortable, come in a wide variety of colors, and last forever. We've had them for years! As we typically wear suspenders on stage, it's a nice change up for hanging out after a gig or on long summer evenings hanging out on the roof deck while writing songs.

Chaucee Stillman

Who: Chaucee Stillman – She is the 22yr old owner, photographer, and editor for her style blog and photography business. She takes a journalistic approach to her photography and loves capturing candid moments. Check out her shots here!

What: Mossimo Colored Skinny Jeans

Why: I love these colored jeans because they fit just like how I want them to and it's an easy way to mix up the blazer and jean combo. It's just anther way to add something extra to an outfit!

Alina Alter

Who: Alina Alter – / She is a 25yr old Phreq of the week from April and women’s boutique owner. She studied at the Temple School of Tourism and Hospitality. Check out her previous feature here!

What: Converse sneakers and a Leigh & Luca handerkerchief

Why: I would wear my limited edition pop-art Converse. Comfortable footwear is an absolute must at a festival, considering all the dancing, walking, and people stepping on your toes! These shoes are important to me because they were a gift from my best friend who grew up in Hong Kong and got these for me on a trip back there. Also, pop art is such a quintessentially American art form that they would be perfect for the Made In America Festival!

I would also bring this Leigh & Luca handkerchief; I'm all about practicality when I go to festivals. In case of rain, dirty seats, or dust being kicked up, a scarf or handkerchief can be super useful, and this one happens to be mad cute too! Leigh & Luca is one of the first brands I carried when I opened my boutique, Aoki, so it's meaningful for me in representing entrepreneurialism, risk-taking, and pursuing the American Dream!