Loco for Four Loko: Where to buy

Four Loko. You know the stuff: sugar-y, strong, available in a variety of intoxicating flavors. You WANT to hate it, because it’s a malt beverage, and possibly (let’s face it: probably) bad for you– but you can’t. Because you’re broke, and it’s cheap; because it’s surprisingly smooth going down; and because nothing kicks off a night of dancing or rocking quite like the 4L.

Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones that feel this way, which means it tends to fly off the shelves like nobody’s business. So where can you find Four Loko, freshly stocked, and ready for you to snatch it up?  We asked some of our friends where they buy the juice; here’s what they had to say (results organized by neighborhood.)

South Philly:
Sunny One, 16+Morris
Moore Beverage, 6+Moore
Federal Deli, 15+Federal
West Passyunk Beer distributors, Passyunk+Snyder
The P.O.P.E., Passyunk+Dickinson
Salt and Pepper, 16+Ellsworth
Bailey Bar, 15+Bailey

Center City:
Latimer Deli, 15+Spruce
Spruce Street Market, 15+Spruce
Pine Street Deli, 16+Pine
Locust Deli, 21+Locust
Franklin Beer Distributors, 18+Callowhill
Springfield Beer Distributors, near South+ Schuylkill Ave

West Philly:
Best House, 43+Baltimore
5 Star, 42+Chester
Varsity Pizza, 43+Locust
University City Beverage, 43+Walnut
Pizza Rustica, 36+Chestnut

Old City:
Mulberry Market, 2+Arch

Queen Village:
Society Hill Beverage, 3+Washington

Global Beer Distributors, American near Germantown Ave
PYT (in summer slushies!)

Beer City, Berks+Girard

Old Philly Ale House, 20+Brandywine

Lee’s Foodway, Broad+Cecil B. Moore

Park Manor Deli, Chelten+Wayne Aves

Where do YOU buy your 4L?  Leave your spots in the comments below.