Largest Pong tournament makes Philly Tech Week debut

Philly's 3rd annual Tech Week is kicking off in a big way–we mean it. The Cira Centre, which colorfully lights up the city's skyline each and every night, is going to be transformed into one of the largest video game screens in the world.

Dr. Frank Lee, a Drexel university Gaming Professor, came up with the brilliant idea while cruising down 76. We almost want to knock ourselves on the head for not seeing that building's video game potential sooner! On Friday, April 19th and April 24th at 8 PM he will be hosting a classic Pong tournament on the north side of the 437-foot building.

If you're not one of the 100 lucky people who made the tournament cut, the public can view the game from the Philadelphia Art Museum steps.

[Technically Philly]