Mad Decent announces lineup for Mad Decent Block Party


The Mad Decent Block Party has become on the seminal summer events in not only Philadelphia, but through major cities across the country.  From New York, to Chicago, To LA, and now this summer Toronto, MDBP has brought such energy and excitement to this event.  With sponsorship from Puma this summer, Mad Decent has already released the dates and trailer for the 2012 edition, and now they've announced the artists that will be performing this year in Philadelphia:

Major Lazer

Riff Raff

Bonde Do Role



Po Po

DJ Sega


Paul Devro

Dirty South Joe

This event has considerably grown in size since it was launched in 2008, each year showcasing new styles and sounds to the rabid audience.  The intimacy of this event can be felt from start to finish, further enhancing the experience for both performers and fans.  The Mad Decent label features an incredibly diverse roster, from rising stars to the big names, with each artist brings something different and unique to the stage.

With Diplo at the helm of MDBP, there are a number of artists who year in and year out absolutely throw down.  In 2008, the first year of the block party, the lineup featured the likes of Dirty South Joe, moombahton godfathers Nadastrom, DJ Sega, and more.  The next year more Mad Decent talent was added, featuring Paul Devro, Maluca, PO PO, and Bosco Delray.  In 2010 the block party extended to 3 new cities (NYC, LA, and Chicago) and the word just kept spreading; there were few if any parties out there like the Mad Decent Block Party. 

In hopes of building on the success and excitement of 2011, we can't even imagine what Mad Decent has in store this summer. 

Here are the dates--

July 28 Toronto
August 4 Philadelphia
August 5 New York
August 18 Chicago
August 25 Los Angeles

After all the buzz thats has surrounded the 'Express Yourself' phenomenon, we can only imagine what Diplo and Mad Decent have in store this summer.