Headshot: Popped Portraits

Girl Talk

Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis was not on my schedule of portraits to take. His people and I originally planned on doing it at 4pm the day, but they had to cancel because his travel schedule changed. Luckily by chance, I saw Gregg eating dinner in the catering area. So I patiently waited, awkwardly pretending to do something on my phone, until he walked out. I got his attention and asked for a photo. He said he was busy but I could snap one or two right then and there so these sorta kinda photos came out of it.


Charles Bradley
Charles Bradley was quite the character. After his set, he came into the media area and hugged literally everyone. He was just so full of energy and so grateful for the performance he just did. He seemed so happy. When we shot the photos, he gave me a very straight face. A complete 180 from what I had seen of him 20 minutes before. So I said, "Come on, give me a smile" so he cheesed it for me.


Company of Thieves

When I met up Company of Thieves for the portrait, Genevieve Schatz immediately suggested we go to the upper level of the Liacouras Center and I thought it was a fantastic idea.


Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

These guys were hilarious. They were in midst of doing several interviews and loving every single one. I pulled them aside for a quick photo and told them to do whatever they wanted. Daniel Zott randomly found a new, unused basketball and he was wearing it like a necklace.



When Kreayshawn walked into the media room, there was a buzz going around---"OMG, it's Kreayshawn!", "I love her!", etc. People just kept starring at her as she answered question after question for several interviews. She looked a little overwhelmed afterwards by all the people.


Mates of State 

I grabbed these two before they had to do a handful of interviews and they told me to take as much time as I needed so they could stall before the interviews. Unfortunately for them, I didn't take up much of their time at all. We sat down in the middle of the hallway and shot these photos.


Dead Confederate 

These guys plus one lady were a bunch of southern folk-- strong accents and extremely friendly. They were so friendly that they pretty much adopted me into their group for the short time we were together. We had conversations about everything from where I was from to their awkward best friend to the wedding they had to attend the next day in Georgia.

We wandered around the backstage area for a while and found various spots to shoot. A few of them really enjoyed being in front of the camera and had fun with it while the others didn't quite know what to do.


Miniature Tigers 

These guys were the first on the list for portraits. They had just finished eating lunch and were up to do anything. They told me that their dressing room would make for some cool photos so we headed their. Once we got there, they willing huddled into the showers and naturally stuck themselves into the lockers.


Patty Crash

What to say about Patty Crash? She's very unique and down to do whatever. I gave her no instructions on the photos and this is what came out.


Sun Airway

The local Philly dudes were last minute addition to the festival after Tennis dropped out. I met up with them after their killer set where they played old and and new songs(which sound really good by the way). I never thought I'd see them play an arena but I did and they pulled it off really well.


Titus Andronicus

I kind of felt bad about taking their photo. They had just got down with a long interview and were heading to do another. In between, I asked if they would be down for a quick photo and they obliged. The photos are from a 10 second span in between their interviews.

Zee Avi

Zee Avi was a total sweetheart. She's about 4 foot 9 inches but has a much bigger voice. She jokingly said that she was going to act like an American Apparel model and this is what happened. Her portraits are my favorite from the entire festival.

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