Go see Dillinger Escape Plan

This city must collectively be going crazy, there’s no other explanation for this weekend’s Dillinger Escape Plan show at the Church not being sold out yet.

Fresh off the release of their new album (and first for their own label), Option Paralysis, and a ridiculously great appearance on Fox news, the long-running band has been tearing up the country with their new songs and new improvisational light show. Metal without being metal, hardcore without subscribing to “hardcore” standards, Dillinger has been pushing the envelope since Calculating Infinity came out a decade ago.

Opening for DEP will be Darkest Hour, D.C.’s biggest metalcore export, IWrestledABearOnce (really?) and Animals as Leaders.

It might not have been a "Dillinger" show, but their set at Thursday's annual Holiday show in New Jersey this past year completely blew the doors off the place. How often do you get to say you saw one of the most influential bands in heavy music disregard a projection screen in front of them and their amps being unplugged? Not often at all.

Dillinger Escape Plan with Darkest Hour, starts at 7pm. 3.28.10 at the Church, 2125 Chestnut Street.Tickets: $15. All ages.

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