Get psyched: Spiritual guidance in Philadelphia

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Tarot card readings are one of the many services offered by Psychics (AP Photo/Cheryl Gerber)

Finding your happy medium at times can be a roller coaster of stress, which is why there are psychics who can help you discover a balance. Whether you believe in palm readings, the communication of spirits, or just go for the entertainment factor, psychics can be of service to anyone. Before you ask, no, they cannot tell you if the Eagles will be Super Bowl Champions.

Jenna Matlin, who holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Pschology and Performance Consulting and Coaching, provides skills in tarot card reading at her business, Queen of Wands Tarot. With over 20 years of tarot card experience, Jenna helps discover your inner self and answers your questions that are brought to the table. In order to have your cards read, Jenna does require a scheduled appointment on Wednesday through Saturday. If you cannot visit her in Narberth, you can always schedule a Skype session. Call 215-729-3969.

Valerie Morrison is known as a long trusted psychic medium who has helped people connect with spirits, and guidance through any concern. Morrison has been on famous radio shows such as Larry King, Maury Povich, and even on Court TV’s Psychic Detectives. Morrison’s work is brought through the energy that is inside the room during her meetings. If you want to test your energy, call for an appointment at her office in Northwest Philadelphia. Call 215-483-8881.

Want to figure out more about your love life, or the career you’re currently in? Bethany Sheppard’s tarot card services in Jenkintown will help you better understand the future ahead of you, and most importantly guide you into the right direction. Call (215) 651-5576 to schedule an appointment.

Located around the shops on Walnut Street in Center City is the Rittenhouse Psychic. Since being in business for over 30 years she has provided customers with guidance services such as, spiritual guidance, tarot card readings, palm readings, and crystal ball readings. Walk-ins are available, weekends are by appointment. Call 215-563-4422.

While shopping, or strolling on South Street for an evening of fun, stop into South Street Psychic and see what the future holds for you. From house blessings, to negative blockages, the psychic will fulfill all your spiritual desires. Walk-ins are available. Call 215-971-4984.

If meeting in groups, or one on one with a psychic scares you, Garland of Letters Bookstore on South Street provides a great number of spiritual books, candles, and anything psychology related to help find what questions you have. Call (215) 923-5946.