Get oddly creative during Ocean City's Weird Week

Create a cookie masterpiece during Ocean City's Weird Week (photo courtesy of Ocean City, New Jersey)

If dressing up boats all flashy and fly, plunging in the ocean in business suits, and having a one-of-a-kind hermit crab beauty pageant isn’t weird enough, beginning on Monday, Aug. 11, Ocean City, N.J. honors its oddness all week long during its very own “Weird Week.” Break out of your shy shell and partake in these quirky, sticky events, all starting at 11 a.m. in the porch area of the Ocean City Music Pier. You don’t need your wallet for this one, all events are free.

Kicking off the week on Monday, Aug. 11 is a boardwalk must have: salt water taffy. Yet these sticky candies won’t be eaten, they’re getting a makeover as contestants are encouraged to create a sugary sculpture of imagination.

French fries turned into a unicorn? In ordinary circumstances it might be absurd, but not during French Fry Sculpting on Tuesday, Aug. 12, as contestants give a burger’s best friend a face-lift while participants mold and mush the fried potatoes into artful creations.

If the last two days of sculpting wasn’t enough for your crafty hands, get ready to smash, mush, and chew on giant cookies during That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles on Wednesday, Aug. 13. After the chocolaty mess is made, another contest at the Ocean City Music Pier is held entitled: Ears Looking at You, which invites talented ears to wiggle their way to victory during this little talent show.  

Thursday, Aug. 14 is the end of making food into anything you dream of but fear not, Weird Week is still here, just with beads for the day where kids can make a personalized beaded necklace to take home during BEADAMANIA.

Tears will come since the final day of Weird Week is here, but there are awards to give, and give thou shall during two exciting events on Friday, Aug. 15 as Miss and Mister Miscellaneous is held, followed by Little Miss and Little Mister Chaos. Miss and Mister Miscellaneous involves a talent show spotlighting talents of all kind from screaming and yelling, to barking like a dog. After the odd, yet acceptable talents are put to rest, it’s time for the young tots to shine during Little Miss and Little Mister Chaos. This talent show is a special event for children ages 3-5 doing what they do best, make noise, but these isn’t your typical cry and scream noise, this involves mom’s favorite pots and pans being bashed together.