Four great new mobile games to play while riding SEPTA that will stop you from losing your mind (because you're riding SEPTA)

Lately Philly's weather has been seriously temperamental.

One minute its insanely hot and humid, the next we're getting thunderstorms... its like we've somehow turned into Florida up in here. And as someone who loves walking and riding a bike everywhere, it is the worst. Instead of enjoying Philly's wonderfully walkable neighborhoods or taking advantage of the bike lanes up and down Spruce and Pine, I'm crammed on a morning bus or waiting for the El. DO. NOT. WANT.

However, there's a small silver lining in all of that. It gives me a few minutes to get some gaming in.

Squished up against other cranky commuters, gaming on the go is a great way to pass the time, and distract you from getting worked up about that guy sweating on you or blowing his nose in your face. Break out the headphones, use a case with a decent grip, and get to gaming.

And luckily, it's been a seriously great year for mobile gaming, with plenty of engaging, beautifully designed titles hitting iOS and Android devices... and we're only halfway through the year! So here you go, four excellent mobile games to keep you busy on the SEPTA.