Elixr Coffee to relocate

In order to make way for the new 90,000 sf shopping building at 15th and Walnut, one of our favorite coffee spots is shutting down and relocating.

Don’t freak out just yet! If Elixr Coffee is one of the stops you make on your morning commute, it still can be! The shop will just be moving a block down the road to the alley between 15th and 16th Streets on Sydenham Street, right below Walnut St and right behind Chipotle. The move should only take a day as Elixr does not want to be closed for longer than that.

In addition to that Greensaw,the sustainable design company in No Libs that is also helping out our most recent Phreq of the Week, will be turning the new interior into an eco-conscious space with a larger bar, counter service and terrariums to add hints of greenery. There will also be a huge upgrade on the amount of space in the vicinity as the space will be twice as large as what they currently have.

Elixr will also be getting all new equipment, a larger food menu, and it’s also looking like their will be an evening wine service.

And we thought Elixr couldn’t get any better.

via Uwishunu