Data Garden presents the Second Annual Interactive Art and Music Festival at Bartram's Garden

This Sunday, October 14th, make your way down to Bartram's Garden, the oldest surviving botanic garden in North America, in West Philly to connect with nature in an awe-inducing and interactive way. Hosting the event is Data Garden, an online magazine and record label that encourages the discovery of electronic music through the windows of history, science and community. Data Garden also explores the synthesis of biological and digital technologies as a channel of human expression. Participants will have the opportunity to wander throughout Bartram’s Garden and connect with their natural environment through live music, performance and sculpture that blurs the distinction between biological and digital worlds.

Musicial performances for the evening include:

King Britt (Album Release Concert)

Philadelphia producer, composer, performer and curator of electronic music will explore sound design, noise and ambient.

Spaceship Aloha (EP Release Concert)

Philadelphia producer/composer/percussionist Christopher Sean Powell (Man Man/Need New Body) teams up with Data Garden to bring you the maiden voyage of Spaceship Aloha.

Allen Crawford with Laura Baird, Dino Lionetti (of Cheap Dinosaurs), and Gretchen Lohse

Theremin, GameBoy and treated viola provide the backdrop for an essay inspired by Bartram’s Garden

Cosmic Morning

Renowned visualist and educator Don Miller presents a special light show that revisits the roots of modern VJ culture.

DJ Ryan Todd

International crate digger and electronic music producer Ryan Todd will provide natural grooves.


Over 46 Acres of Bio-Interactive Sound Installations will include:


An interactive, playable robotic drum sequencer making percussion instruments out of natural materials plucked from Bartram’s Garden.

Data Garden: DUET

Musical compositions generated by the electronic impulses produced by two tropical plants. Plants’ data interpreted by humans with the help of computers has been employed to organize sound into beauty perceivable by the human ear.

Leslie Zacharkow and Kyle Stetz : FLORA CATALOGUS

Nature assumes the role of John Bartram in this interactive sound collage. How would a solitary tree choose to catalogue its experience with us? Talk, sing, hum and make your presence known; hear how the tree responds.


Sam Cusumano presents Electricity for Progress, an interactive educational experience in electronics. Through direct interaction with modified children’s toys and custom circuits, Guests are invited to explore and ask questions about the common electronic objects in their world. Understand how your tools work!

Dan Scofield and Patrick Proctor: NEWEST SOUNDS OF NATURE

Newest Sounds of Nature is an 8-channel audio installation that allows participants to collectively improvise and manipulate sounds of the environment. Different plant species represent various sounds of nature, including rustling leaves, snapping branches, rambling brooks and chirping birds that are re-mixed to create a spatial, atmospheric experience ranging from the sublime to the cacophonous. The circular performance space encourages a unique choreography that can be enjoyed by one or many.


Natural sounds will be kinetically driven by sculpture, processed and sampled, and triggered by natural occurrences. Three megaphone like objects will be placed in various locations in the Garden in a triangular fashion. Each of the megaphones will project the collected sounds towards a receiving station. The receiving station will collect the projected sounds and amplify them. Participants will be able rotate the microphones at the receiving station allowing them to choose their preferred collection of sound and pitch. In addition, the rotation will adjust a sensor to expand or narrow the range of pitches being projected by each megaphone.

Klip Collective: MEADOW 1.0

Onto an undulating mist of smoke, Klip will project images of glowing, flowing dots and other graphic elements that evoke the patterns and movements of hundreds of fireflies. An audio track of crickets and other insects will accompany this display. The audio and visuals will begin as organic elements, imitating the natural world; but as time passes the sound will begin to oscillate and pulsate as the firefly-like elements in the video line up in moving geometric patterns. After a period of intensely choreographed audio-visual activity, the sound and visuals will again begin to mimic the natural world, at which point the loop will begin again. This will be the first site-specific iteration of this concept, which has been in the planning and experimentation stages at Klip Collective’s Northern Liberties studio for many months.


Switched-On Garden

Sunday, October 14th

2:00 - 8:30 pm

Free / All Ages

Bartram’s Garden
54th Street & Lindbergh Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19143