DIY First Friday: Your Hood

It is cold. It is rainy. It is First Friday. Without a doubt, there are not too many in existence who enjoy getting hypothermic and sopping wet while slogging around the city to look at art. The least you can do is make it easy for yourself. Pick an area close to your neighborhood, stick to it, and at the end of the evening you can marvel at how dry your socks are. The more adventurous warm-coated umbrella-toters, to you I say "get wild." Me, I'm sticking to my 'hood. Here is your DIY First Friday.


Part Time Studios - Slightly Stolen, a solo exhibition by Michael Willett. This Illinois-based artist brings his brand of installation and painting to PTS. Reception 6-10pm. 

Michael Willit

Little Berlin- "Landscape Techne intends to maintain the legacy of the relationship of the artist and technology while exploring the role of landscape in art." Landscape art has long been a banal subject matter that has been explored for centuries. Here we have a group of artists using new technologies to consider the role of the Landscape in today's digital world. Reception 6-10pm. 

Shadow's Space - Concetta Barbera and Patch's curated World's Fair Art Show might lack the worldliness for the comparison to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, which they were shooting for in the press release, especially since this show is heavy on local illustrators. Reception 6-10pm. 

Bambi Gallery- It Was 20 Years Ago Today: photography by U. Arts faculty and alumni. Usually these group shows featuring work solely by artists from a particular institution are a pithy attempt at remembering a heyday that never was. Who knows though, there might be a few surprises, if not, Bambi always has a keg of free beer. Reception 6-10pm. 

VWVOFFKA- Though VWVOFFKA hasn't exactly updated their website since last month's exhibition, I can assure you something is going to happen here for FF. As of Wednesday night, there were some busy bees installing something special. 

 Old City(ish)

Bodega - The new kids on the block – Bodega is run by a group of young artists with the youthful zeal Old City lacks. The Uncanny Valley features the paintings of Annabeth Marks, Michael Kennedy Costa, and Clayton Shiff. Expect a cryptic, minimalist approach to the medium. Reception 6-9pm.

Locks Gallery - Like an aged wine, Locks Gallery is one of Philadelphia's longstanding fine art galleries. The influential Robert Motherwell's Abstract Expressionist paintings from the 1940s and 50s will be on display. Also on view is Warren Rohrer's ...To Make a Live Pinting. Reception 5:30-7:30pm.

Robert Motherwell

Chinatown and beyond

Space 1026 - Three Records, curated by Chrissy Piper. From years of hanging with recognizable punk notables and other DIY personalities, Piper's portraits – originally published in her zine, Three Records – find a new importance in the form of a myriad of framed photos. Reception 7-10pm.

Chrissy Piper

Jolie Laide- I applaud Jolie Laide for making a name for itself so quickly, as plenty of people have ben raving over this relatively young gallery space. I also applaud their location, which is in the midst of basically a nothing-zone (evidenced by the main photo on their site). De-Natured opens tonight and is a group show that's focused on the repurposing of "organic structure". Reception 6-9pm.

319 N 11th - Vox Populi is this warehouse-cum-art enclave's main attraction. In addition to tonight's group show opening, there will be special cocktails and raffles for prizes. Opening reception 6-11pm.

Also worth checking out are Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Stockbridge Fine Art Print, Marginal Utility, and Grizzly Grizzly in addition to all the artist's studios, all located under one roof at 319 N 11th Street.

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