Conrad Benner of Streets Dept to host Philadelphia ‘TEDxWalk’

Conrad Benner of (Photo via Instagram)

Philadelphian Conrad Benner, best known for his locally-based street art blog (also his loyal Instagram following), is leading a very special event in conjunction with the upcoming TEDxPhiladelphia conference.

The “TEDxWalk” is a 1.5 hour guided tour of sorts lead by Benner that will explore Philly’s street art and graffiti in both the Midtown Village and Fishtown neighborhoods on Saturday, Mar. 29 from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. This will also include some of Mural Arts’ acclaimed larger than life pieces.

"It's incredibly exciting, to say the least," Brenner told me when I asked him about the event. "I've been watching TED and TEDx videos online for years, so to not only be invited to a TEDx event in Philadelphia, but to be asked to participate in one, it’s all a bit surreal, to be honest. I’m thrilled to be able to bring my thoughts and experience with street art in Philadelphia to this year’s TEDxPhiladelphia event."

Grab your tickets now before they are gone!