Calling all designers: A new designer collective is opening in August

Designer collectives, also known as co-ops, are a fabulous way for talent to break into the market. Basically, designers rent a rack in a store for a designated period of time while all decisions about their line still remain in their control. They are really great opportunities for designers to have a retail location without the time and financial commitment. Compendium, a boutique and designers’ collective that specializes in independent and emerging designers, is about to help designers score this awesome opportunity.

Let’s get to the point. Compendium is a progressive boutique that will be opening up later this summer. For their grand opening, they have decided to host a contest to discover some new talent to carry in the store. If you submit some of your designs to their design contest they will host your line for a month, free of charge. Furthermore, designers will dictate the price range of the clothing carried at Compendium and receive 90% of the sale. How about that!

Ten winners will be chosen, get more details and send your submissions here.

Via FashionIndie


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