Blonde Gang spreads positivity through music and clothing line Amekaji

Blonde Gang are a hip-hop/pop collective from Philadelphia with serious attitude. Not only does their music embrace creativity and individuality, but their fashion sense promotes these qualities as well. Brightly colored hair, energized stage performances, and unique fashion tastes are a way of life and self-fulfillment for each group member. Beyond just the music, Blonde Gang members Lyve (Evyl Ot Laer), Kidd Sweeny, Bok Nero, Plane Walker, Shy the Social Misfit, Jamiil, Reese, and Sik are working to start a positive group movement that welcomes social outsiders looking for a comfortable home. Sik, the group’s visual creator, has a printed clothing line, Amekaji, which has been gaining fans all over Philly. It's not uncommon to see someone on the subway rocking one of their t-shirts or hoodies. Be sure to find them on Facebook and Twitter!

Blonde Gang w/ Abstract Verses, Sodacan Man
The Blockley
3801 Chestnut St.
Saturday, October 6th
8:00 pm

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